Born and raised in the dry heat streets of Phoenix, Arizona, performing has always been a part of Colleen’s life. The match sparked as she began writing and staring in her own home movies and plays at a very young age. She continued to perform from elementary all through high school in community and school plays, as well as sketch comedy and performance dance. Shortly after high school, Colleen was accepted into the renowned acting school, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, where she relocated and began her intensive training.

    Always learning and growing as an artist, she started to build her resume and gain experience through short and feature films, web series, music videos, and commercials. Teachers and directors have been said to acknowledge Colleen’s extreme depth and range as she full heartedly dives into characters from all walks of life. Exceeding in both comedic and dramatic roles, Colleen is fearless with each part she takes on, always full of high energy and charisma on and off camera. Studying at honorable improvisation schools as The Groundlings and The Upright Citizens Brigade, Colleen has honed in on her comedic timing and quick thinking. She also continues to develop characters at Beverly Hills Playhouse working in their scene study classes. Miss Donovan had her first TV break starring in CBS’s well known, Criminal Minds, where she took on the intense role of a kidnapped southern college girl literally faced with life or death. 

    Since then, Colleen continues to audition both theatrically and commercially in Los Angeles, where she is represented by Discover Talent and The Stark Agency. Seen as the manic pixie dream girl mixed with a down to earth, deep, bad ass, Colleen hopes to dive more into the independent movie world. When she’s not acting, you can probably find her singing with her rock 'n roll band in some dive bar around town or adventuring outdoors somewhere wild with her dog, either way, she’s having herself a good time.